The HTML window below, describes a basic HTML page. It is described below.

Note that many HTML tags are paired, and may contain text and other HTML tags (this is called nesting). For example, see the <strong> .. </strong> tags which makes the text inside them, bold.

Explanation of HTML tags

  1. <!doctype html> tag – defining the document type (not a paired tag)
  2. <html> .. </html> block – specifying the language as HTML. Nested inside are the <head> and <body> tags

The <head> block

  1. <head> .. </head> block – containing page information
  2. <title> .. </title> tags defining the page title; this does not appear on the page. It is used by the search engines, and appears in the Browser tab.
  3. <link .. > tag – linking to the CSS stylesheet page (in this example, called style.css)

The <body> block

  1. The <body> .. </body> tags contain everything that appears on the page.


  1. Other than the <link .. > tag, the tags above should appear only once on a page.